Over The Counter (OTC) vs. Professional Products;

Feb 12, 2018 - By Dr. Martin Kassir

What is the difference between professional and over the counter products?

Professional Products are usually made in smaller quantities to ensure absolute freshness and better results. A professional product’s shelf life is typically shorter.

Professionally produced products focus more on results rather than mass production. A higher quantity and percentage of active ingredients are added to ensure the product performs to standards in an appropriate time period.

Professional products may not need to add fragrances, colors, and dyes. This will lessen your chance of developing a sensitivity or reaction, especially with sensitive skin.

OTC products are made in large quantities, therefore more additives and preservatives are added since they require a longer shelf life.

OTC products commonly have less or a lower percentage of active ingredients since they will be sold and marketed to "all skin types." Therefore they need to be more basic formulations.

OTC products sometimes use low quality, inexpensive oils along with pore clogging properties. 

Overall, carefully selected professional products can have a better clinical performance.

In our Dallas office, we routinely review our patients’ skin care with them in order to maximize benefits for their unique skin.

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