Pigmented Lesions dallas

Almost everyone has a pigmented lesion of some type. These areas of the skin contain especially high concentrations of melanin and are typically caused by an excess of pigment commonly due to sun exposure, aging or congenital factors.

At Kassir Dermatology we can treat sun-damage, age spots, uneven pigment, freckles and other pigmented lesions with the various lasers and light sources in our office.

The most important factor in treating pigmented is first diagnosing these lesions properly. Potentially malignant lesions should be first evaluated by a Dermatologist and biopsied if indicated. We will perform a detailed history and skin evaluation before any laser procedures.

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All pigmented lesion treatments are performed in our office.

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by Martin Kassir, M.D., F.A.A.D.

Pigmented Lesions dallas

A patient with pigmented lesions on her face.⠀

Pigmented Lesions dallas

Pigmented Lesions on Hands. Left hand treated. Right hand untreated.⠀

Pigmented Lesions dallas

Before QSW Laser Treatment⠀

Pigmented Lesions dallas

After QSW Laser Treatments⠀


Melasma is a localized hyperpigmentation skin problem that affects millions of people worldwide. It is an acquired disorder that primarily affects the sun-exposed areas of the forehead, upper lips, cheeks, and chin. Kassir Dermatology offers patients with Melasma treatments in the Dallas area to diagnose and treat this skin condition. Melasma has different clinical patterns (where it occurs on the face and forehead) and various depths (epidermal, dermal, or mixed).

Several other conditions may look like Melasma, such as PIH (post inflammatory hyperpigmentation), sunspots and freckles, drug induced pigmentation, congenital skin conditions (example: Hori's nevus), and other conditions.

Risk factors include but are not limited to: genetics, exposure to ultraviolet light (sun), pregnancy, and oral contraceptives.

A proper medical history, review of all medications, and a detailed physical examination are the keys to diagnosing and treating Melasma. 

As there are multiple forms of Melasma, treatment also varies. Sunscreens, camouflage, topical products, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, DermaFrac™ and lasers and light sources are all used to treat Melasma.

Each patient's Melasma is as variable as the disease itself; therefore, we perform a detailed history and physical examination, take clinical photographs, recommend a specific skin care regimen and perform different procedures based on the patient's needs. If treated properly, Melasma can be well controlled, and eventually the patients may be on maintenance therapy.

Pigmented Lesions Before & After Gallery

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Pigmented Lesions dallas image

Treatment for Vitiligo, on a female patient, showing improvement and normalization of pigment. Dallas, Texas

Pigmented Lesions dallas image

Lightening of Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH) on a very dark skin type. Many irritants can cause hyperpigmentation in dark skin. Dallas, Texas

Pigmented Lesions dallas image

Individualized KD protocol for pigmentation and brightening with notable improvement. Dallas, TX

Pigmented Lesions dallas image

This ethnic patient shows notable improvement with lightening of pigmentation and lessening of fine lines and wrinkles with microneedling. Dallas, Tx

Pigmented Lesions dallas image

Noticeable improvement in pigmentation with treatment after undergoing Kassir Dermatology Rejuvenation Protocol. Dallas, Texas

Pigmented Lesions dallas image

Resistant case of melasma, not responding to conventional treatment (topical creams) that required treatment with a Q-Switch Laser.

Pigmented Lesions dallas image

Clinical and vascular photos of woman with hyperpigmention on upper lip in Dallas, Texas.

aSKINg the EXPERT: Pigmented Lesions

What is the MOST IMPORTANT question I should ask about my "dark spot(s)"?

Is it benign? You should be evaluated by a Dermatologist for an evaluation to determine if your skin lesion is benign or potentially dangerous.

What if my "dark spot" appears suspicious?

Then you will need a skin biopsy by a Dermatologist for a diagnosis.

How do I know which treatment to begin with?

You will undergo Skin Analysis with a special camera which will help us better identify your particular condition. After your Skin Analysis, we will design your individualized treatment plan according to your specific needs.

Which treatments would be best for MY SKIN?

That would depend on your particular condition. We would most likely begin with a combination of skin care and a procedure.

How much does a laser treatment cost for “dark spots” (age spots)?

The cost of a laser treatment depends on the diagnosis of the pigmented lesions, the size, of lesion, and the specific type of laser being used.

Is there a laser for treating age spots?

There are a multitude of devices that can treat pigmentation: IPL (photo facial), long pulsed lasers, and q-switch lasers. In order to find the best laser for your needs, first you need to be properly evaluated by a dermatologist to make sure the pigmented lesions (age spots) are not suspicious or malignant. Then it will depend on your skin type, the kind of pigmentation, how long you have had the lesions, the location, and if they are light or dark.

Are there treatments available to help with dark spots (PIH) for darker skin patients?

PIH Is a condition where dark spots appear on the skin after inflammation or a procedure. Darker skin patients usually suffer more from PIH especially caused by acne, eczema, folliculitis, or a cosmetic procedure such as lasers or chemical peels. These types of conditions or treatments cause the melanocytes to produce more than normal melanin which causes dark spots. PIH can be treated, but treatment is based on individual needs, physical exam, and medical history.

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A.M. wrote a review of PIGMENTED LESIONS

"I am a 34 year old dark complected woman. I went in to see Dr. Kassir to see if he could help me with a dark spot that I have on my upper lip. At my consultation visit he started me on a few creams then had me come back for laser test spots. After using the redless serum and perle skin brightening cream and nova sun block everyday and …"