Vascular Lesions Before & After Gallery

This patient presents for veins around nose showing exceptional improvement with laser treatments.
Dallas, Tx

Clinical photos of woman with telangiectasia in Dallas, Texas.
Before and after photos of patient treated with laser.

Clinical before and after photos of man with telangiectasia on the nose in Dallas, Texas.
Patient treated with a laser.

Clinical before and after of cherry angiomas (red moles) on the abdomen of a male in Dallas, Texas.
Patient was treated with a laser.

Laser For Cherry Angiomas (red moles) Just about everyone has red moles as they age. They appear as bright red spots on the skin, usually on the trunk, back, and extremities. They are benign and very easily treated with a laser (typically in one or two sessions). The video below demonstrates treatment of these moles with laser. Laser …

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