Australian Beauty

Sep 04, 2018 - By Dr. Martin Kassir

Some of us are in "awe" of the Aussies' sun-kissed, beach-ready laid-back, idyllic year round beauty.  Sometimes their every day look makes us even more jealous of their care-free approach.  Aussie's seem to value most  what's around them; whether it's the fresh air or ocean water.

Australians are blessed with loads of sunshine, and spend several hours outdoors everyday.  Because of this, they are also very skin smart and the majority of their moisturizers and makeup have sunscreen in them.  Aussies have a holistic approach to beauty, but they are also VERY AGGRESSIVE with sun protection from an early age. Australia is setting the worldwide standard for sun protection, from sunblocks to protective clothing.

Healthy Eating

Aussie's are very aware of how beneficial a healthy diet is.  From adding a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in the morning, to slicing up a beetroot and applying it to their lips for a flush of color.  Australians will use ingredients fresh from their kitchen.  Chamomile tea, lemon juice, even ketchup.  Which ever the method, just keep your pantry stocked! 

Beach-side Hair

Ever wonder how they have just beautiful sea-textured hair?  In Australia, if you want to feel amazing, all you really need is a good is have yourself a good swim in the ocean, then allowing your hair to naturally air dry. Many natives believe that ocean water is a cure-all, from using ocean water as a toner for their skin, to stepping into the ocean for a minimum of twenty minutes allowing the salt water as a natural exfoliant.   

Do you wonder if you are using enough sunscreen when you step out into the sun?

Come into our Dallas office and let us help determine the answer that would work best for you!

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