Dirty Little Makeup Brushes

Jul 26, 2018 - By Dr. Martin Kassir

Many people wonder why, or how they can continue to have acne breakouts on their faces even while using premium makeup brands that claim to “fight" acne. This entity, known as ACNE COSMETICA (acne due to make-up) can be avoided if only they had remembered to clean their makeup brushes. Makeup artists recommend cleaning your makeup brushes weekly. However, if you do suffer from regular breakouts, you may consider cleaning them after every use. Avoidance of using unclean brushes or sponges on open blemishes or sores is strongly advised. Layers of surface oil and makeup pigment can be found on your brushes. So, start cleaning those brushes!

So now, we have identified the source of the problem, but how to clean these brushes?? Many brush brands suggest to use antibacterial soap, but this may strip the bristles or even cause the bristles to fall out. However, using a hydrating shampoo and tea tree oil with a brush cleaning palette is very helpful. Simply add some shampoo, a drop of tea tree oil and warm running water to the cleansing palette. As you swirl and work the cleanser into the bristles, you will start to see makeup work itself out. The shampoo is your cleanser, tea tree oil is your antibacterial, and the palette has several different textures to work into the bristles. Repeat these steps until the warm water runs clear. Finally, squeeze out excess water, reshape the bristles and lay brushes at an angle so that water does not stay stored in the brushes or handle.

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