Do My Skincare Products Stop Working?

Mar 27, 2018 - By Dr. Martin Kassir

The simple answer is no. Your skin doesn’t typically build up immunity to skincare products over time. They don’t just one day decide they aren’t going to work anymore.


If you are feeling like your routine is getting a little stale, you can certainly change things up. Your skin is a living organ (the largest organ in your body) that evolves over time. This means that climate, hormones, and stress can contribute to changes in how your skincare products may perform. There are times that you may feel like your moisturizer isn’t giving you enough hydration. Try finding a richer or heavier moisturizing cream. Even waiting as little as ten minutes after you have applied your moisturizer, and checking if you may need a second application could give you an added level of hydration.


If you would like to be more aggressive with your skincare, there are a few things to try. Treatment masks are a great way to give your skincare routine some variety. Since masks are only meant to stay on the skin for 5-20 minutes before being rinsed off, they can give you more immediate results without disrupting your current routine. Toners are a welcome refresher to any daily “line-up.” There are multiple varieties. Some can be “spritzed” onto the skin before applying any serums or moisturizers; some are applied with cotton and rubbed into the skin.


Which ever you choose to use is up to you; there are very few limits in branching out and trying something new! Call our Dallas office for a thorough review of your skin care; we will ensure your skin care is optimized!