Do You Have Dark

Oct 31, 2017 - By Dr. Martin Kassir

Dark Circles under the eyes represent a major diagnostic and treatment challenge in the world of ant-aging. The causes of Dark Circles under the eyes can be extremely variable, therefore the treatment for our patients in Dallas can also be quite different. 

Dark circles under the eyes are typically not a medical concern but can be a cosmetic concern for a large number of patients. The exact definition can be difficult as "dark circles" means differnt things to different people. The precise reason for Dark Circles is also often difficult to pinpoint as there are many reasons this could happen. This condition can occur in a wide range of ages, in both sexes, and in all races. Excessive pigmentation can be due to genetics or specific skin conditions. Another major cause can be PIH or Post Infammatory Hyperpigmentation from a variety of causes. Moreover, our Dallas patients may be afflicted with seasonal allergies that are worsened with rubbing or scratching the afftected area. Sometimes we see this in eczema patients (atomic dermatitis) who also suffer from allergies. These are just some of the reasons for Dark Circles under the eyes. In our next blog we will review more causes and treatments for Dark Circles under the eyes.