The Hated Heat Rash

May 07, 2018 - By Dr. Martin Kassir

Spring hikes, all-day water park visits, or a lazy Sunday in the stands.  Stay ahead of the dreaded heat rash: this can be achieved by bringing extra clothing to change into, and giving that swimsuit a rest.  Hot, humid weather can encourage this irritating rash to develop.  Sweat is produced and it can clog your pores.  This can cause perspiration under the skin.  This perspiration may present itself as tiny water filled blisters or itchy bumps.  Be advised: do not attempt to puncture or “pop” these blisters.  Usually these areas of sensitivity are found in common skin folds, or where clothing or shoes can cause irritation and friction. 

A few simple changes may help: wearing breathable fabric such as cotton, using baby powder in the areas causing friction, changing from of your swimsuit into dry clothing, and switching out your clothing when you have had excessive perspiration. 

Rashes can be frustrating and persistent; if you are struggling with one, please contact our Dallas office for further evaluation and treatment.