Improve Those "Bags"

Aug 15, 2018 - By Dr. Martin Kassir

Tip #1

Avoid eating foods high in sodium for dinner.  Salty foods can increase the amount of fluid that is retained overnight, which can usually lead to eye puffiness in the morning.  If you cannot avoid the extra sodium, you may try increasing your water intake.

Tip #2

Do apply a repairative eye cream before bed.  Keeping your eyes hydrated while you sleep is essential to helping that thin eyelid skin.  Many eye creams contain vitamins and enzymes to help refresh tired eyes.

Tip #3 

Try switching your sleep style.  If you are a side or a stomach sleeper, try switching to sleeping on your back.  Doing this will also help with possible decrease of facial wrinkles in the future. Something that may help that transition is adding a firm pillow under your knees, it takes added pressure off of your back and the pillow helps keep your knees up, not allowing you to roll over while in your sleep.

For additional information for the skin around your eyes and “bags” under your eyes, please call our Dallas office so we can prepare a personalized treatment plan for you!