PAO (Point After Opening)- Why is This Symbol and Date Important?

Apr 05, 2018 - By Dr. Martin Kassir

This graphic symbol will help you identify the shelf life or expiration date of cosmetic products.  This is a suggestive time period the manufacturer has determined for a product to be best suited for use.  Once a product has been opened, the contents are viable for those following months.  After the determined time has elapsed, the benefits of your product could start to decrease.


            Consumers should be aware that expiration dates are “suggestive”.  The product’s quality may decline after the expiration date.  One particular product category to keep in mind is skin care products that are used only for your eye area.  Eye-area cosmetics are limited in their shelf life, because they can be more susceptible to microbial contamination.  The use of any eye creams can potentially cause eye infections or eye irritation.  We always offer a thorough review of your skin care products to optimize skin health at our Dallas office.



            More information can be found at U.S. FDA Shelf Life/Expiration 

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