Preventing Cross-Contamination & Infections

Jun 19, 2018 - By Dr. Martin Kassir

Holding on to samples.

Always check the expiration date of your samples; most samples and testers have an early expiration date due to the expectation of using the product quickly.  Growth of bacteria in older products can lead to infections and can also give off a bad smell, which is a clear indication that a product has expired. Do not be tempted to hold on to these cute little tiny size portions!


Keep those hands and makeup brushes clean.

Infections can also be caused by external contamination, such as dirty hands or brushes.  Some pathogens (staph, flu virus) can survive outside of the body and be transmitted through skin-care products and makeup. Good advice to remember is to cleanse your brushes with a delicate antibacterial cleanser, rinse well, and always air dry. You should clean your brushes anywhere from at least once a week to once every two weeks, depending on how often you use them.


Disposable applicators are disposable for a reason. 

Disposable brushes and applicators should be used at all beauty counters. You should be concerned if a store does not have disposable applicators.  If the store is unable to supply you with a clean applicator, see if the store can provide you with a single use sample.  If your selected store does not have them available, professionals suggest avoiding the sample all together.


Skin care products are designed to enhance and improve your skin. Good habits potentiate and complement skin care; visit us at our Dallas office so we can optimize your skin care and maximize YOUR results!