Sep 21, 2018 - By Dr. Martin Kassir

Men are currently considered one of the most rapidly growing demographic area in many fields of esthetics.  With this ever growing market, men too, want to look their best.  With long hours, thousands airline miles, or just even to hours on the sunny golf course,  men are starting to search for ways to improve their appearance.  By help with the appropriate dermatologist, men are discovering that the use of some professional attention can have the appearance of rest, re-gained energy, alertness, and overall productivity.

Or currently known as "brotox" by the media, Botox usage by men has increased in numbers by nearly 400% from 2000-2017.  This particular injectable medicine can be a quick fix to soften lines in the forehead, eyes, between the brows, and even used to reduce underarm sweating.  For first-timers, you can start off with a small amount of Botox, and always increase your dosage.  No need for a "frozen" appearance.  Men have stronger features, and should stay that way if desired by the help of a professional.


Microneedling can help soften acne scaring, dehydration, dark patches, sun damage, and of course collagen producing.  Currently Microneedling is a go-to treatment for gradual tightening, scar softening, and pore reducing.  This procedure doesn't cause bleeding, very little downtime.  Microneedling creates tiny channels into the cleansed and prepped skin, directly infuses above and below the skin surface the appropriate treatment serum.  The sensation felt may feel that of a prickle, and practically painless.  

Various types of filler injections have risen to 99% since 2000.  Everyone (and we do mean everyone) looses bone and fat volume mass in their face as they age,  filler can help fill those areas of loss and hollowing in the face.  Some examples of those areas that fillers can be used in are sunken cheeks, temples, smoothing out chin creases, or soften any other areas of focus.  Fillers can give a plumping effect, and a more youthful appearance.

Laser Hair Removal
Laser hair reduction and removal is a fast becoming trending service.  Some of the most common areas men tend to want to focus on are their shoulders, chest, back, neck, and even to thin out their beards.  Even though laser hair removal does mention removal it may require treatments to achieve desired results.  Typically, sessions are 30-50 minutes depending on treatment area, treatment is typically painless, treatments are spaced out one month at time. 

So if you are looking forward toward a shirtless spring trip or summer vacation, give our Dallas office a call to schedule your consultation and get your treatments underway!