The Summer Itch- Why Are You Itching?

Apr 06, 2018 - By Dr. Martin Kassir

Rashes. Bug bites. Sun burns.  Other causes.  WHY ARE YOU ITCHING?

Very few things are more maddening than a mysterious itch.  Spring and summer are a prime time for a multitude of outdoor events.  From Easter egg hunts, garage sales, or even patio parties its time to start thinking ahead and preparing ourselves and our loved ones. Most of your itching results from simple bug bites or dry skin.  So, take precautions before heading outside: long-lightweight slacks and shirts, safe insect repellant, even checking out the area you will be in and cleaning out any loose brush may help lesson the danger of bugs and spiders.  If you have red spots or a rash with your itch, make sure to make an appointment for an evaluation at our Dallas office.



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