Thinking Of Getting The Best Laser Hair Removal?

Oct 13, 2017 - By Dr. Martin Kassir

1. All Laser Hair Removal devices are not created equal: It is important to research and find the appropriate device that will give you the safest and most effective treatment for you skin type.

2. Know your skin type (ethnicity): Darker skin types are at a higher risk of burning; make sure you do your research on the office that will be treating you. Are they qualified and experienced? Choosing a doctor's office can be a safer choice. At our Dallas office, all technicians are extensively trained by Doctor Kassir and perform treatments with his direct input. 

3. Expect the process to be spread out over a number of months: The number of treatments varies for each person depending on their skin and hair color and the density of the actual hairs. Most treatments are spread out to every 6 weeks in order to target the hair in the active growth stage. It is ideal to start treatments at the beginning of fall to avoid sun exposure, and to be able to get through treatments before summer begin.

4. You can compare the feeling to that of a light snap of a rubber band: most treatments are pain free or mildly uncomfortable depending on the thickness of the hair that is being treated. 

5. Little to no downtime: after treatment, you can expect mild to moderate redness, which will subside quickly with no lingering pain or burning sensation.