Treatment Options For

Nov 08, 2017 - By Dr. Martin Kassir

The approach to treatment of acne scarring should involve a comprehensive examination of the patient's skin identifying the current condition as well as discussion of the patient's concerns and tolerance of various treatments. Considerations include the presence of erythema, type, depth and location of scarring as well as the baselin skin type of the patient. Expectation management is also important in discussion of treatment options. Complete resolution of acne scarring is an exception rather than a rule. At our Dallas office we offer a variety of treatments to address this concern. Acne scar treatments can be very different from patient to patient, just a few of the treatments we recommend are Microdermabrasion, Micro-Needling, Laser, Subcision, IPL, and LED. We highly recommend scheduling a consultation today at our Dallas office in order to get started!