What Are Free Radicals?

Jun 26, 2018 - By Dr. Martin Kassir

Free radicals are bad news for your skin. But are you aware of why these molecules are so damaging to your skin, and what they’re capable of?


Free radicals are uncharged molecules that are formed by normal bodily functions. UV exposure, smoke and pollution will also cause additional damage. With this damage, this may cause a negative chain reaction on your skin’s surface, and induce additional damage to cells.


Aside from genetics and the inevitable ticking hands of time, free radicals are one of the most common causes of visible signs of skin aging, sagging skin, fine lines, and wrinkles.


While there’s not much you can do about pollution, you can take precautionary measures to ensure your skin is staying well protected. That’s where researching skin care products rich in antioxidants like vitamin C and E can help. Antioxidants are capable of neutralizing free radical damage, thus slowing down the “hands of time.”


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