What is Threading?

Jun 11, 2019 - By Dr. Martin Kassir

Absorbable thread lifts are a safe, convenient alternative to traditional cosmetic lifting and tightening surgery that has become popular among many different age groups and skin types in recent years. Designed to be less invasive, the threads improve skin laxity in multiple areas of the body, like cheeks, jawline, abdomen and even knees with less risk and downtime than the conventional surgical approach. The threads are specially studied to resist enzymatic attack and stimulate the skin in an optimal and homogeneous way. Threads come in a variety of smooth and barbed forms that work at various levels of the tissue. Patients who benefit the most from the procedure have mild-to moderate skin laxity, although Dr. Kassir will evaluate each candidate on an individualized basis. If you’re concerned about sagging skin, call our Dallas office today for a consultation!